Dice Ideas Commission

Interested in a commission?

We love creating dice art pieces that are completely unique and personal to you. The only thing you need to do to start the process is send an email to us at

Continue reading to find out more information. 


What information do we require?

The main thing we need to know is what you would like the subject of the piece to be. We have created everything from portrait pieces of loved ones to corporate promotional display works. If you are thinking about a portrait of a friend or family member, then we would request at least one image from you to be able to work from. 


What are the sizes of work? 

We use thousands of dice in each piece and can customize sizing to your needs if required. 

As a guide, we offer custom pieces starting at an approximate total size of 40" X 60" X 2.75" inches (102cm x 156cm x 7cm), and these carry a weight of around 90lbs (40kgs). 

 Lion Dice Art

What kind of image works best?

The higher the image quality, the better the results. Many dice are required to achieve the definition of an image, so a clear shot of the face will yield much greater definition in the final work.

Unless you are looking for a wall mural, we do not recommend full body images or family photos. We are always happy to talk through any thoughts you may have as ultimately we want you to be thrilled with the final design!


How long will it take?

We will provide you with an estimated time frame at the point of enquiry as this depends on availability and our work schedule. As a guide, we try and aim to complete a piece within 6 - 8 weeks from deposit payment. 

 Busy Dice Ideas Studio


If you are happy to proceed after discussing the points above, we would ask for an up-front deposit to construct the frame and begin creating the design. You will be provided with a full sales order (and a copy of our T&Cs) detailing all the relevant information for your custom piece including our payment details. 


I have paid. Now what? 

The real work begins!! 

At this stage we will already have discussed how the final piece should look, have an accurate assessment of the timeline, and provided you an estimated quote for shipping costs. 

Firstly we must construct the frame to the desired size and lay the dice for your custom design. This may take some time, but we will keep you up to date with the progress and send you any images of the work as we progress. 

Hopefully you will be very happy with how the final design looks, at which point we would finish the piece with a polished aluminium trim and prepare for transit. 

 Working on Dice Art

How is the work protected?

Depending on the shipping destination you provide the work will be protected accordingly. 

For the USA and other international orders, the piece will be secured in a custom built foam-lined wooden crate. This job is outsourced to a specialist art-packaging company with many years of experience in dealing with large and delicate objects. 

Shipping Dice Ideas


Once the piece is completed, we will email you for the remaining invoice payment (including shipping fees) and dispatch your piece for delivery. Fees may vary depending on the region of the world you would like to receive delivery to, but we will always discuss this upfront so there should be no surprises!

We will follow up with the tracking info so that you can also follow the delivery status. 



If this sounds like the kind of thing you'd be interested in, please do not hesitate to send us an email at